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Hi, I’m Jess

I launched my studio in 2018 after many late nights fueled by coffee and chocolate! My design experience spans over 17 years (I’m safe to admit that right?). During that time, I have helped countless business owners across all types of industries get noticed with a memorable brand.

My minimal style comes from a desire to take elements to their core and create designs that cuts through. One of my favourite lines I heard recently on Curb Your Enthusiasm was Larry David saying to his ex-wife “spare me the bullshit!”. I think this is a good phrase to remember when it comes to brand design. It’s important to portray authenticity which will in turn create a connection with your ideal client.

Behind the scenes I’m a wife and a Mum of two busy girls. I enjoy teaching design and creative thinking at The University of New South Wales and mentoring the next generation of designers. Both my husband and I also run small businesses, so I understand firsthand how precious time is and having an effective brand that works as hard as you do!

But enough about me – let’s talk about you.
Tell me about your project and I’ll be in touch.

But enough about me –
let’s talk about you.
Tell me about your project and
I’ll be in touch.

My design approach


Strategy first

Nothing is designed just because it’s pretty, but because it will help my clients grow, feel confident and expand their business.


Simple is best

In a world of visual overload, my uncomplicated approach to design creates brands that cut through the noise.


Connection is key

Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s the foundation for building a strong bond and connection with your audience. 


Explore all ideas

I never settle for the first, easiest or quickest solution. I’m committed to resisting fads and create designs that stand the test of time.